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December 2022 - Looking forward to another busy year! (also tips for choosing your photographer)

That's it 2022 is done, a year that brought us back to normality and a very successful one for me and my photography.

Over 40 weddings either as a main or second shooter in my second year of self employment, each and every one reinforces that I'm doing the right job. I love it, more than I can express here. I have shared all these couples days and seen people at their happiest. Recording everything that happens so they can look back on these moments in years to come and relive every single thing that happened. Every wedding broadens my experience and exposure to different situations. I have so much more time now because I know every step of what will happen and try to really look for those special moments. If the day deviates from the norm I know I can make the most of these situations. There is no substitute for experience and there is no more accurate saying.

This time of year is quieter than normal and understandably so, there are less hours daylight and the weather forces everyone indoors, quite simply fewer people want to get married as a result. I've also had two cancellations recently due to the impact of the cost of living which has a real impact on your expected cashflow. I've had one wedding and two lots of company headshots plus I've made use of a Christmas back drop to do some family photos. These quiet months force you to diversify and I'll continue to look for opportunities to reinforce this downturn in income each year. January is also looking quiet with my first wedding of this year in February. After that things really pick up and I have 25 weddings booked in already over the remainder of this year, I do still have dates available and know that more bookings will come during the year. Things don't stop though continuously investing in myself and my editing skills to ensure I constantly improve what I deliver to my customers.

This month is the peak booking month for photographers, lots of people get engaged over the Xmas period and people that are planning weddings really start to look for photographers at this time. How do you select a photographer? There are so many people doing this now it's so difficult to choose someone. Here's a few tips I'd use knowing what I know:

  • Check reviews, wedding day photography is more than just taking photos. How does the photographer deal with people and how do they treat the couple. The only way you know if from reviews.

  • Ask to view a delivered gallery. If they refuse they have something to hide. This gives you a chance to see how many photos are delivered. Are the rest of the photos as good as their standout shots they use for advertising?

  • How long does it take for the photographer to deliver your photos. How long are you prepared to wait. Overbooked and overworked photographers will take a lot longer to deliver your final gallery.

  • Meet them before you book, I'm more than happy to meet my couples before they book. It gives you a chance to ask questions, ask them to talk you through the day. Importantly, see if you get on and they are on the same wavelength as you. It takes time to meet someone but it's a big investment and you want to be sure of your decision.

  • View website and social media. Yes you can tell a lot from this, are they too serious in the shots they display does this fit with what you want. I try to show a mix from the day some will just show their standout shots to gain bookings.

  • How flexible are they on timings, are they going to leave as soon as it reaches a certain time, weddings overrun and timings get extended. Will they leave before you have your first dance?

  • Do they only have one or two couples on their social media, this means little experience and this may suit you. However it should be reflected in their pricing.

I hope you find this useful, it is a big decision and there are a lot of photographers out there who don't take as much care as others. They may only give you 100 photos but unless you ask you won't know until it's too late.

You are my only priority and I will work so hard to ensure there is total care shown to you and your guests. The photos you receive are all edited individually by me and nothing is deleted that may mean something to you.

Have a great start to the New Year!

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