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End of 2023 - Summary of the Year

Its been a while since I've done a blog which has been due to a coupe of reasons. One, a complete lack of time, between weddings work and editing it's been non stop and it had to slide. Secondly I've not really had the clarity of mind or inclination to sit down and want to write anything. 

2023 was such a mixed year for me, I'm still coming to terms with losing Mum in January but work has kept me busy and not really allowed me to dwell on life without her. Certain events and things I do trigger memories and thoughts of her and the obvious things like birthdays and Christmas really make you wish things were different but I've had no choice but to carry on. I've had many tears behind the camera at weddings and on the way home. Emotions always run high and this sometimes proves to be a tipping point. 

My wedding photography has just been amazing this year I've met some lovely couples and had the chance to record so many beautiful days it's made me focus on the happiness in life rather than the sadness. It's been so mad, I've just photographed my 37th wedding of the year, plus I've had other events and I'm second shooting on Friday this week which will be my last job of the year. Not sure I'll ever get rich doing it but wow I'm convinced there is no better way to earn a living. 

I have 20 weddings booked for next year but still lots of availability and I'm sure I'll be up to similar numbers to this year by the end of 2024. It's all about advertising now and making sure I'm at the forefront of peoples minds when they are looking for a photographer. I think people are understandably scaling down their spending on weddings but having such a beautiful and complete photographic record of your day is irreplaceable. 

After giving up the football photography in July I've actually really enjoyed not having any commitment outside of weddings and being able to spend the time at home, or doing things I've not been able to do. Even more so now the weather has deteriorated. Not sure how I'd ever get the motivation to do it again. It's been nice to get down to Bamber Bridge a few times and I'll be there again I'm sure in the next few weeks but after 14 years of having a commitment it's really nice to not have to bother if I don't want to. This has given me more time to complete wedding editing as well by avoiding mid week games. That's been really important recently as nearly every evening has been spent editing. 

I am still amazed by the the photos that mean most to people from my wedding galleries, they are rarely the photos you think they will be. Not the standout couple photos you might get or the intimate couple photos, but usually they are of friends and family laughing and tender moments from grandparents and grandchildren. These are the moments that mean the most people and they will be treasured forever. When I photograph your day you will get every single moment that I see and in my privileged position you'll see everything that happens on your wedding day. 

Well I hope you have all had a fantastic year and hope 2024 will be a wonderful year for all of us. Be kind and stay happy. 

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