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October & November 2022 - When Wedding Season slows down

I didn't manage to post my blog last month for a couple of reasons. I didn't really know what to write about which is the first time in a couple of years I've struggled, and I didn't really want to write just for the sake of it. I was also fairly busy which I didn't expect to be the case at the tail end of this year.

Weddings definitely have seasons and while people still get married during late Autumn and Winter the weddings are few and far between as there are still as many photographers chasing fewer customers.

Wedding photography at this time of the year is tricky, the weather is more unreliable and the daylight hours are far less than you want. Typically with an afternoon ceremony you have no light by 4pm which provides a massive challenge for photographers. I like to see it as an opportunity to use different sources of light and flash becomes so important. You can spend a whole day indoors at this time of year and possibly not get outside at all, this doesn't mean your photos should be inferior to any other time of the year. The venue can make a big difference if it provides some nice areas where you can get away from other guests to ensure clean backgrounds and fewer distractions.

I've had 3 weddings in the last two months, two where we shot totally indoors. One in Dukinfield, Manchester for Karen & Joe, Charlotte & Tom in St Annes and Valeriya and Matthew at Shaw Hill in Chorley. The last one in Chorley rained 100% of the time but the inside of Shaw Hill is stunning and provided great opportunities for lovely photos. Unless I get any late bookings I only have one wedding left this year which will be my 29th of the year. I've learnt so much in the past two years my photography is changing now and I can see I'm looking for those photos that mean everything and this is where I knew I needed to get to. My editing has improved massively and I can transform any photos now. I can also see things I couldn't when I started and I can anticipate moments I may have missed before. I've had an amazing year seeing so many lovely people get married, had so many laughs and shed a few tears too. Who could want anything more.

Football photography has always been present in the background but that is firmly where it lies for the foreseeable future. I have to prioritise other work now and while I still love it, it has probably become the hobby that I love now. In addition to a lot of matches over the last two months I've had quite a bit of other work. I've met up with an old work mate to do some headshots for a company he now works for, and I've also spent quite a bit of time taking photos with a new Xmas backdrop. It was something I wanted to do last year but never got organised. I've done quite a few shoots with it now for friends and family but also managed to get some customers through advertising. I've also had a morning using it at the Nursery Xmas Fayre which proved to be really popular. In this time of reduced workload it's important to try and generate income by whatever means you can.

I've also been able to invest in my business a little with a new Customer Relationship manager which organises my weddings and photography jobs, dealing with contracts and invoices and it ensures I keep in touch with my clients when I need to. Running a business efficiently is just as important as getting work and taking photos,

if I'm going to continue to grow.

I'm also a grandad now to a beautiful granddaughter, pretty sure she's going to be a very well photographed young lady!

Have a wonderful Xmas and I'll have a few more photos to share next month including a trip to Notts County with Chorley in the FA Trophy.

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