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What Do I Do in Winter?

Emily & Sam - My First Wedding of 2024

Weddings, despite our best efforts, are very seasonal things. I've had one Wedding a month now since November, and in February it's a big fat zero.

I'm very thankful to those that do get married during winter and pick me as their photographer, because times are tough during these months. Weddings are still great during winter and my first wedding of the year last weekend actually had sunshine and temperatures of 8 degrees. Some weddings much later in the year don't always get that. It's also a completely different feel at a winter wedding. Guests are normally all inside so they stay together and chat rather than split into groups some outside and some indoors. This is a reason you shouldn't worry about rain for your summer wedding because it has the same effect.

March is when things usually pick up, but all we can do is prepare for another year.

My editing was completely up to date prior to the most recent wedding which puts me in a good place already. Advertising is always a priority, especially this year as things appear to be a little slower in 2024 so far, smaller packages being booked and less dates at this point in time but bookings will come. It's peak booking time currently for couples and there are lots of wedding fayres taking place. I've tried a few new things but only in the last week or so have things really started to pick up. These bookings and the deposits they bring are essential for photographers to 'get through' the tough times.

The unpredictable nature of your cashflow as a self employed, effectively seasonal worker, needs planning and smoothing as much as you can making sure funds are retained and built up instead of being spent on any new gear we've been contemplating, or drooling over. It's a fine balance and one that hasn't been made any easier by the cost of living increases we have all seen. We all want to improve what we have year on year but that all depends on what investment is available to us. We love to spend, especially ahead of financial year end but care needs to be taken.

This quiet time is also spent learning and preparing. Computer updates and clearing down computers to external hard drives to create space for the weddings to come. Any camera maintenance that is required. You always need to continue to improve so hours watching the latest wedding reels, youtube videos on editing, reading up on technique and self improvement so you are always offering the best service possible.

It's also amazing what impact this enforced slow down has on our body, My arms ache from the weekend because you don't realise how heavy our equipment is and how long we spend on our feet during your day. This all needs to be built up again ahead of the new wedding season. Fitness is now going to be my focus over the next few weeks because it's amazing how quickly that has disappeared.

Before we know it though we are going to be back to pre wed meetings and lovely emotion filled days full of joy and happiness.

Have a good month!

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