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July 2021 - Normality returns!

Well what a month, normality resumes but we still live under the threat of drastic changes to very important plans if someone we've been in contact with is tested positive. This is is understandable but has caused major disruption already since 'freedom day.'

Fortunately, I've been clear of any disruption and isolation so far, and long may this continue. My bookings are increasing at the moment and I'm really happy that they are.

I have an admission to make, I haven't always loved photographing weddings. I've viewed them differently than I should. I viewed them as bloody hard work, which there is no denying they are. I also viewed them as a massive responsibility, once again, there's no doubting they carry more responsibility than any other form of photography. I may miss a goal or a celebration at a match but I can't miss the confetti shot, or the exchange of rings or any number of 'must have' weddings moments. I'm being paid well to make sure I don't miss these things and have a complete record of the day to be treasured by the couple for the rest of their lives. That brings pressure, constantly watching for events and moments that could mean the world to the happy couple. It's draining and exhausting, mentally and physically. A Wedding day including Bridal prep to first dance is a minimum of 10 hours, 11 and a half for me at yesterdays wedding. That is full on, rarely any breaks and constant awareness, having to think on your feet for ideal photo locations and unforeseen events. As with yesterday, that's 2700 photos pre-editing, a lot of those are duplicates to overcome, blinking and distracted gazes but it's only half the job done. Editing is the polishing of the images to make them stand out, this can take a minimum of 2 days for that many images.

Despite me sounding like it is the worst job in the world, I've realised over the past few months, it's quite possibly the best job in the world! It's a mindset, completely, and I'm now in it. What job can you see people the happiest they have ever been, in fact I see almost every emotion during a day and I get so immersed in it I sometimes need the tissues. The joy, warmth and the love from the couple, their family, and friends is sometimes overwhelming and can carry you along. You are placed in a situation right in the heart of a couples special day and you are key to it, deciding where photos are taken, organising groups of people for photos, almost a creative director for the whole day. Obviously with huge input from the main directors of the day! You build relationships quickly, give advice and try to guide people without offending them, humour is also useful and I'm working on that!

I'm buzzing, on a complete high, when I get back and can't help going through the images as I back them up to storage to make sure they are all safe and sound. I check the focus and the moments I've captured and I'm at the stage now where I know it's all ok, every wedding I'm getting better and better still and the day is now second nature so I have more time to make sure I'm doing extra things that can make the images stand out and in turn my photography. I'm being trusted with something so precious that it's a complete honour to be chosen to cover a wedding for anyone. I'm not sure everyone thinks this way so when choosing a photographer make sure you like their work don't just pick the cheapest. I've seen so many ordinary photographs of weddings by 'photographers,' it's such an important event care should be taken and I insist on anyone choosing me to be happy with my body of work before they decide.

Now that you know I love doing Weddings and why, I've had two this month, one working for Jon under the Memories Made Photography banner on the Fylde coast for the lovely Sam & Liam and also one closer to home in Chorley for good friends Donna & Al. One was red hot, one was a little overcast but both full of love and warmth. .

As well as weddings, football has returned this month with some pre-season action for Chorley FC and I've managed to pick up another Non League Paper cover photo, my 5th to date. So this will provide some welcome additional income as I will get some money from the Non League Paper and the Chorley Guardian. So far we've had 5 pre-season friendlies and the season starts for real next month on 14th August. I also helped out at a local Derian House Charity fundraiser match between Chorley Police and Chorley Morrisons. Always great to help out locally for charity.

We have a media day next week at Chorley FC, a memorial match for James Dean as well and another two weddings next month so it's another busy one. I also have a family shoot next Saturday which is a nice change as well, 4 generations of family to be photographed hopefully preserving some lovely memories forever. Stay safe and have a great August, remember make sure you book me while I'm cheap!

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